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Insect repeller

So as not to suffer in nature from annoying insects, I always use this trick! Self-made burner Can protect against mosquitoes for a long time, whileIt looks like an element of decor and does not interfere with the rest of the dacha ... I hope you will also need this advice, do not forget to save it just in case!

Insect repeller

You will need

  • Liquid fuel from citronella oil for garden flares
  • Glass bottle
  • glass beads
  • wick
  • patch


  1. Put a small amount of glass colored pebbles in a glass bottle.
  2. Insect repeller

  3. Pour into it fuel based on citronella oil. Smells very nice, completely non-toxic: the perfect weapon against Flying insects.
  4. Insect repeller

  5. Wrap the wick with a plaster: this will increase the time of its burning.
  6. Insect repellent at home

  7. It was left just to set the wick of the ideal insect repeller!
  8. Anti-flying insect repellent

  9. Incomparably ... the rest area has turned into a completely free of insects zone!
  10. Insect repellent

So calm Insect control - an ideal option for everyone who has children,Because the fuel from the citronella oil is completely non-toxic and does not release harmful substances into the air during combustion! Share this great advice with your friends to protect yourself from insects, it can come in handy!