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How to clean the house of the negative

Understand that in your house reigns Negative energy, very simple. Often here things are lost or completely disappear, family or householders are ill, doors and windows are slammed, houseplants die, home appliances break down too often, and strange sounds and noises can be heard.

If you constantly notice at least some of these signs in your home, it's worth thinking about it Energy purification.

How to clean the house of the negative

  1. cleaning
    Entering a clean and spacious room, eachA person feels inner harmony and comfort. Take the rule for general cleaning at the end of the week. Every time, cleaning in the house, you clear it of negative energy.
  2. Clean the apartment of bad energy

  3. Release from junk
    Should immediately get rid of all the excess in theHouse. Old things that nobody uses for a long time, only accumulate negative energy. Getting rid of unnecessary trash, you immediately feel the changes in the energy of your home.
  4. Clean the apartment of bad energy

  5. sea ​​salt
    Salt crystals have a unique abilityAbsorb negative energy. Make a saline solution of 5-7 tablespoons of sea salt and 5 liters of water. Thoroughly wash the floor with this solution.

    You can also arrange a plate with salt in the corners of the room where your family spends the most time.

  6. How to clean the house of negative energy with salt

  7. Fumigation of premises
    If in your house often there are quarrels andConflicts, fumigation with sage will help neutralize negative energy. It is necessary to set fire to a bundle of grass and immediately extinguish it so that it slowly smolder, giving a light smoke.

    Start the fumigation process from the thresholdDwelling, moving clockwise and not missing a single room. It is best to do such a procedure when no one is at home. Thanks to this method, the space is cleared of negative energy, and at home health is strengthened.

  8. How to clean an apartment from bad energy

  9. Purification by sound
    Clap your hands loudly, walk around the entire perimeter of the room. Pay special attention to the corners, stopping at each of them. Make some vigorous claps from top to bottom.

    At some point you will hear a distinct echoFrom their claps, it means that you have done a good job and you can finish the purification procedure. Then you need to wash your hands thoroughly under running water.

  10. How to clean an apartment from bad energy

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