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When can I sunbathe

Factors that contribute to the occurrence of breast cancer, are still unknown. Many believe that Drinking coffee And smoking are the main causes of breast cancer. Other scientists argue that the most inclined to this terrible disease are women who adore sunbathing!

I like sunburn: it hides many flaws in the skin and makes the figure visually slimmer. If you, too, are a fan of swarthy skin, you should learn about several important points.

Safe tan in the sun

When you can sunbathe

The skin on the chest is very sensitive: this part of the body is always under the clothes, because there is little Melanin, Protecting us from the sun. Sunbathing topless should be done with extreme caution! It is likely that the stress of exposure to sunlight on the skin of the breast can provoke a serious illness.

Sunbathe best in the early morning andPre-hours. Dermatologists believe that it is necessary to alternate 5 minutes of topless sunbathing in the open sun and 15 minutes of stay in the shade: this is the most safe for the skin scheme. How much can you sunbathe - it's up to you, but it's not worth it more than an hour at a time.

Do not forget about a strong sunscreen! Choose a dense cream with a high spf-factor. It is also useful for the skin of the chest rubbing with coconut oil.

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