/ How to Make Up Eyebrows

How to make up eyebrows

Recently, wide, thick and expressive eyebrows have become an indispensable element of make-up. Correctly selected form of eyebrows can completely transform the face!

Watching the video we offered, you'll find out, How to properly color eyebrows step by step And what you need to do to make your eye makeup perfect to the smallest stroke!

How to make a pencil eyebrow

How to make up eyebrows

Using a regular fork, this woman with easeColors eyebrows. Who would have thought that in such a delicate matter a cutlery might help! I could not resist and immediately tried an unusual device on myself. It turned out great!

To focus on the eyes and avoid a sloppy look, beauty blogger advises to correct the line of eyebrows with the help of light shadows. Flawlessly!

How to make eyebrows at home

"so simple!" I'm sure: these tricks will change your daily beauty rituals! You save a lot of time, but at the same makeup will look as if it was applied by a professional.

Girlfriends for certain it will be interesting to know, How to dye your eyebrows in pencil Using a normal plug! Share with them this ingenious device and tell us in the comments how useful this advice turned out to be for you. Perfect eyebrows decorate the woman!