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Useful tips for life

Meeting such Advice for all occasions, I did not keep my enthusiasm and immediately showed themMother and close friends. Surprisingly, even for them, experienced in women's household affairs, much was a novelty. Most of all I liked tips number 7 and number 9, and another trick with an iron lid on the bottle. I hope you will also find them useful!

Useful tips for life

  1. That's what you need to do to Bra straps Do not look out from under your clothes! Simple, but cool trick.
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  2. An interesting solution! A pair of loops and a contrasting fabric - all that is needed to implement this trick.
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  3. After washing clothes, things will save the baby shampoo! Wash clothes in it, lightly stretch it when drying, and it will take the desired shape.
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  4. Idea for this summer: patchwork will make ragged jeans unique!
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  5. A regular clip will help to wear jerseys with convenience. Looks neat!
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  6. 2 times more space in the closet thanks to the lids from the cans! On each hanger there will be one more. Utterly Useful for home invention!
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  7. baby powder Very well removes fresh greasy stains on clothes! Even better than salt.
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  8. A piece of cloth that is attached to the tags on clothes is very important. If you understand it, you will understand how the thing behaves during washing. Because any fabric can shed or sit!
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  9. An easy way to quickly hang on the hanger at once a few things! Why did not I do this before?
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  10. Here's how you can get the cord with a plastic tube!
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  11. Soda and vegetable oil Clean any, even the most difficult spots on the kitchen furniture.
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  12. An easy way to clean ginger! Spoon is much better than a knife.
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  13. If you boil eggs with a slice of lemon, they are easy to clean and will be very tasty!
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  14. So open the bottle real women! If you do not have a bottle opener at hand, you can use eyelash curlers.
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  15. If done so, the lips will look more bulky.
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  16. Massage with a brush from the carcass with a moisturizer will make the lips surprisingly gentle and improve their color, as blood circulation will increase.
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  17. Pocket for money and documents, which will be the way in travel! It's very easy to do this yourself.
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  18. A napkin can be used as a funnel for loose products! I always do this when I pour coffee into a jar.
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  19. Soaking a spatula for the cake, you can put every piece on the plate in perfect shape!
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How do I like these useful ideas! Please tell me in the comments what you think about them.