/ How to get rid of aphids in the garden

How to get rid of aphids in the garden

With the first month of summer aphid Systematically proceeds to seize ourHousehold plots. Some gardeners, truck farmers flee to the store for chemical preparations from pests, others start to conjure with various biological compounds ...


"so simple!" Knows the effective Aphid, Affordable, harmless to plants and ... sweet!

How to get rid of aphids in the garden

You will need

  • 2 liters of "Coca Cola"
  • 3 tbsp. L. Liquid soap
  • spray



  1. Shaking the bottle and opening the lid, gradually let out of the drink all the gas.
  2. Add liquid soap and mix.
  3. Screw the sprayer to the bottle and spray this cocktail on the apricot.
  4. Spray the drug you need 1 time in 2 weeks. Pest death is inevitable!

A brilliant trick for the garden! The product is great for processing roses, shrubs of currant, fruit trees, cabbage. It also attracts ladybirds to the site, which, as you know, are great fans of aphids.

Share this method with your garden friends: they will be grateful!