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House tricks

Today our editorial team has prepared a uniqueA guide to the use of this familiar to us nail polish. These ideas will help you cope with the small domestic problems that so often arise in our daily lives. Hopefully they will be useful to you!

Tricks for the house

  1. After a long use of the shower faucet, the marking on it is erased. Use your bright nail polish to re-mark the cold and hot water.
  2. How to use old nail polish

  3. Every girl has a fluorescent nail polish in stock. Use it so that the buttons on the TV remote control are visible even at night.
  4. How to use old nail polish

  5. A small drop of nail polish will easily stop the arrow on kapron tights!
  6. How to use old nail polish

  7. Use nail polish to mask small scratches on your car.
  8. How else can you use nail polish

  9. Costume jewelry from cheap metals should be covered with a layer of clear lacquer. this Little trick Will protect the product from oxidation, and you from the appearance of an allergic reaction.
  10. How else can you use nail polish

  11. If your child has broken his glasses - not worth itTo panic! Just apply a clear varnish to the lens on both sides. So the glass will still hold for a while in the frame, and you will have time to visit the ophthalmologist.
  12. How else can you use nail polish

  13. If your salt cellar or peppermint tooLarge holes or a lot of them, some can be easily glued with nail polish. Such a trick will help you not go too far with these insidious components.
  14. How else can you use nail polish

  15. The smell of normal nail polish will help to bring to life the person who fainted.
  16. How else can you use nail polish

  17. If you notice that one of the buttons has completely weakened the thread, fix it with a colorless varnish. This trick will help you out when you do not have a needle and thread on hand.
  18. Women's tricks

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