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How to choose a watermelon

Watermelon - the most long-awaited and loved by allAttribute of summer. Choose a ripe and delicious fruit sometimes seems just an impossible thing. On sale there is such a huge number of watermelons, that just eyes run from diversity.

Today we will share with you the secret of how to choose the ripe and delicious fruits! Now you will not be at a loss for anything Choosing a watermelon.

How to choose a ripe and sweet watermelon

How to choose a watermelon

  1. to size
    It is necessary to beware of huge watermelons. Unfortunately, our climate does not contribute to the cultivation of giant fruit on the fields. Therefore, there is a high probability that such watermelons were artificially fertilized with fertilizers.
  2. On a yellow spot
    This feature is an excellent sign of a ripe fruit. Than the yellow spot, the tastier and sweeter the watermelon chosen by you.
  3. By sex
    Very few people know, but watermelons can be distinguished by sex. "Boys" are larger and elongated, and "girls" are smaller and slightly flattened. "Girls" are sweeter.
  4. To knock
    Mature fruit often produces a booming sound whenTapping. Also, to check for ripeness, you need to squeeze the watermelon from two sides. If the fruit slightly crackles, then it is already ripe and ready for use.
  5. By tail
    Yellow dry tail is an excellent indicator of ripeness of the fetus. Green, on the contrary, indicates that the watermelon was ripped off early.
  6. To smell
    The crust of watermelon must exude a pronounced fresh smell. If it does not smell, then this watermelon, most likely, was not grown naturally.

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