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Quick manicure

To do Beautiful and simple manicure At home, do not need to spend much time and effort. "so simple!" I am convinced: this is within the power of all. The main thing is to approach the matter creatively and with inspiration!

All our readers already know that you canInstantly dry the lacquer, if you just lower your newly painted nails in a bowl of ice water. We also talked about how not to stain the cuticles during the painting of the nails: it's enough just to apply glue to the skin around the nail. We hope that the tricks below are not less useful!

Quick manicure

  1. Glass nail file - a chic tool! If your nails are cracked or the nail plate has an uneven terrain, such a nail file will help to correct these defects. In addition, it can be washed and disinfected without problems.
  2. Quick manicure at home

  3. If the varnish accidentally fell on the cuticle, it is very convenientRemove the dirt with a thin brush dampened with a liquid to remove the varnish. As such a brush, you can use the old one from eyeliner or slightly trim the usual brush to apply the varnish.
  4. Quick manicure with your hands

  5. Scheme for a quick and extremely neat manicure! Always helps me out. By painting your nails in this way, you save time and do not get your hands dirty. Before applying the lacquer, wipe the nails with lemon juice - it will whiten and strengthen them.
  6. Quick manicure on short nails

  7. Original manicure in 5 minutes!
  8. Quick manicure in 5 minutes

  9. These patterns are now popular, they look like exquisite drawings of henna. Using an old, alcohol-impregnated marker as a substitute for a brush, everyone can do the same kind of beauty!
  10. Original manicure on short nails

  11. Another version of a chic, but simple enough picture!
  12. Original manicure photo

  13. With the help of scotch can achieve thisInteresting effect. Half of the nail will be matte, if you paste a sticky tape on the area painted with a usual varnish, wait a bit and take it off. Delightful and simple!
  14. Original manicure at home step by step photo

  15. To make such a manicure is simple, but it looks incomparable! Just a couple of strokes with a brush.
  16. Manicure at home photo

  17. Scotch will help make original two-tone nails. The idea of ​​a million! I paint nails, I wait, until the varnish dries, I paste adhesive tape on top and cover the nail with varnish Contrasting shade. A feast for the eyes ...
  18. Manicure at home on short nails

  19. Thin strips of adhesive tape will help create a representative geometric pattern!
  20. Neat manicure at home

  21. More complex option, but it looks so cool!
  22. Manicure at home for beginners

Well-groomed hands decorate a woman no worse than gold bracelets ... do not forget to bleach and strengthen the nails with a lemon, you can use not only lemon juice, but also zest. The effect is super!

Acquaint your girlfriends with this article, for sure they will discover something new!