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Delicious cooking

Recently, my friend and I were preparing a vinaigrette, and sheHas shared with me such an excellent reception! Everyone knows how to bother to boil vegetables in a uniform, and then cut them for a salad ... and so, the skillful hostess suggested: you can cut the peeled vegetables for salad raw and boil them for 15 minutes over medium heat in a small amount of water.

Potatoes and carrots while it is worth cookingSeparately, and most importantly - to semi-dry condition. When you discard the vegetables in a colander, they will continue to prepare for a while. Very convenient way, I'm delighted!

While we were cooking, a friend told me about Kitchen tricks, Which they use most often. I can not help but share!

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Delicious cooking

  1. If the hands of the kitchen worries, clean them Apple skin.
  2. To save Wooden utensils From the smells of food, rub it with warm vodka.
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  3. All throw out Garlic arrows, But it turns out that this is a wonderful fragrantseasoning! Finely chopped and fried in vegetable oil, they will add soup, potatoes or ragout appetizing smell and enhance the taste of vegetables. Young garlic arrows can be frozen for future use.
  4. If added to Minced meat for cutlets A pair of egg whites, whipped in a steep foam, meat products will be extremely lush. It is especially useful for this trick to Fish cutlets!!
  5. best Batter for chops And vegetables - on beer. Amazingly magnificent! You will need only flour, eggs, beer, salt and butter.
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  6. If you are a cook Bread in the bread maker, Be sure to add a small stack of manga in the dough: the bread will turn out to be dense and very successful.
  7. If you add a little lemon juice and salt to unsweetened yogurt, you will get a refined Yoghurt sauce. It goes well with vegetable salads and meat, and you can also fill yoghurt with fruit salads.
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  8. Any vegetable salad will acquire a restaurant taste if you add to it Pinch of vanilla!! Who would have thought that vanilla perfectly matches with vegetables, it is necessary to check ...
  9. Variety of ordinary pilaf, adding there Pomegranate seeds!! So appetizing and festive dish you still need to look ...
  10. Ground in a blender Peanuts with garlic And salt will improve the taste of vegetable dishes and make them more nutritious. You can also do with walnuts.
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  11. Whipping the whites, Never treat them rudely: From this biscuit can go bad! Do not whisk the proteins cold, let them stand for a couple of minutes at room temperature. Whip the whites strongly, but do not overdo it: from this, the dough can become dry and granular.
  12. Do not forget to add in pies and charlottes with apples, raspberries, oranges and currants spice: Cardamom, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmegnut. Even more fragrant Charlotte will make cognac! A great idea - to cover a ready-made charlotte whipped with sugar proteins and bake, as is done with the Easter cake.
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adore Culinary advice, Which inspire to go to the kitchen and cook! Show your friends an article, some of these tricks will become for them an unexpected revelation ...