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How to fail

Goggles Is a style and image that requires a certainThe ability to support it. Due to the correctly selected frame it is possible to transform and correct the shape of the face. And recently there was even a fashion for glasses.

How to bring your eyes

However, women who wear glasses are well aware that behind the glass eyes seem to be lost ... this can be corrected with the help of several Makeup tricks from "so simple!".

How to bring your eyes

To select the eyes and visually increase them, you can use shadows with light mother-of-pearl. Also suitable for these purposes Bulk mascara. By the way, it is better to refuse the lengthening: it can be imprinted on the glass.

Do not leave without attention Eye contour: Thin arrows, made with a pencil or liquid eyeliner, will make the look flirtatious. Avoid too bright color of lipstick, limit yourself to a translucent shine of natural shades.

In the video below the charming girl shows how you can do Daily stylish makeup under glasses. By the way, the frame of her glasses is something!

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