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How to decorate a garden

Using simple and accessible materials, you can Decorate the garden with your own hands!! I was surprised by a table by the pool and veryLike a braided hammock ... great that such beauty can be made independently. Tell me in the comments, which option you liked the most!

How to decorate a garden

  1. Bench from slag blocks and wooden bars.
    Ideas for the garden with their own hands
  2. A cheerful sofa for relaxing in the fresh air. Ideal for summer cottages ...
    Ideas for garden photos
  3. Hanging bed-swing from wooden pallets! I dream ...
    Ideas for the garden and giving
  4. Option for the baby. What you need for a day's sleep!
    Ideas for garden improvement
  5. original Braided hammock!!
    Ideas for a garden at home
  6. That's what a cozy corner can be made from ordinary tires!
    Ideas for giving by own hands

    A comfortable table by the pool from the tire.

    Ideas for home and cottages

  7. Thoughtful, easy-to-use brazier. Why not build?
    Ideas for giving photos
  8. Even a rake can be adapted for interior decoration!
    Ideas for giving out old things
  9. A flower pot from a bucket covered with sea stones.
    Ideas for giving in pictures
  10. Only Tin and clothes pegs!!
    Country house design
  11. Such watches can be a great gift.
    Cottage area improvement

Decorations for the garden, Yet so practical, incredibly inspiring! Show them to your friends.