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Whether to wear a bra

Many advantages of bras very muchExaggerated! Modern women are used to think that this element of clothing will save the breast from sagging, improve its shape and help avoid a number of diseases, for example, mastopathy ... unfortunately, all these facts are just a successful advertising move.

"so simple!" Will tell, How to wear a bra, So as not to harm the woman's health and at the same time be irresistible!

Bralette with what to wear

Whether to wear a bra

There are many situations when a bra -Absolutely useless thing. In the summer heat, you can afford not to wear it! Of course, everything is individual and depends on your breast size, but I advise you to pay attention to a couple of moments about which the manufacturers of underwear are usually silent.

  1. The bra does not save the breast from sagging
    Studies of French scientists prove the opposite: the bra promotes sagging of the breast with age. Wearing a bra is like wearing a plaster on your hand.

    Thanks to constant support pectoral muscles and ligaments atrophy, becoming weaker with time, which leads to loss of the shape of the breast and its sagging.

  2. Bra does not cause breast cancer
    The same French scientists have proved thatThe bra has nothing to do with breast cancer. But too tight underwear and linen with pushap-effect can disrupt blood circulation in the chest, and this has a bad effect on the work of the cardiovascular system and can undermine your health!
  3. The bra does not relieve the load from the back and shoulders
    This information is relevant for women with a largeChest: it turns out, pain in the back and shoulders often appears through the fault of the bra! The bra straps create an extra load on the shoulders. Many busty-breasted women, who refused to constantly wear linen, got rid of painful sensations in the back area.

You can wear a bra, But it needs to be done with the mind to feel confident and comfortable. The last time has become fashionable Bracelet - bra without pips and cups, very natural and refined.

Bralette pictures

Lingerie types

Bralette will not allow you to completely abandon your underwear, look absolutely and do not harm your health!

Bra pitted

Bra pitted photo

This is a completely new type of underwear, which is not a shame to show others!

Bra harm and benefit

Such a bra is suitable for different women: there are models especially for large breasts!

Brassiere in a dream

Bralette pictures

Bralette pictures

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