/ How to remove a tick

How to remove a tick

In the spring all nature awakens, and with it awkward insects such as mites awaken. In April their special activity is observed.

The danger of becoming A mite victim Lies in wait not only for nature. To bring it into the house can our cats and dogs that walk on the street. The mite can hide even in a bouquet of flowers!

For a person is especially dangerous disease Tick-borne encephalitis. Most animals tolerate it without symptoms, but to people this disease does great harm.

With such a disease, the central nervous system and the motor center are affected. In a person with encephalitis, even paralysis may develop.

Having found out on the body of a tick, immediately consult a doctor. If you do not have such an opportunity, you can try Pull it out with a regular syringe.

Remove mite with syringe

How to remove a tick

You will need

  • syringe
  • Loop device or tweezers (applies if the tick bite was a long time ago)

Master class on extracting the tick, see this video.

In this case the tick was a long periodUnder the skin, so the man used a special tool to extract the insect. If you find a mite on day 1-2 after a bite, you have every chance of getting it out with a syringe.

Going to nature, do not forget about the hiddenDangers! Well think over your outfit so that insects can not easily get under your clothes. Before going to the forest, treat clothing with means that repel insects.

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