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Portulac therapeutical

This plant is well known to all gardeners: The battle with the portaloque is brutal, it is surprisingly tenacious weed. His shoots are incredibly strong, the plant can live 25 years! I always considered it a misfortune, until I learned that port-lancet is a medicinal herb.

When are you going to pull out Wild perlulator Next time, remember these entertaining facts. It is a sin not to take advantage of the valuable qualities of an ungainly, at first glance, plant!

Portulak treatment photo


Equally useful and wild, and Garden harbor. The leaves of this plant are rich in vitamins andMinerals! Portolac contains iron and even easily assimilated calcium. Also in this hated all vegetable farmers there is vitamin A in large quantities and useful fatty acids.

All these substances will help prevent cancer and will promote good cardiovascular work. Portulac is recommended for use by hyperactive children to strengthen the nervous system.

A great idea is to replace spinach in differentRecipes for pestilent! His leaves crunch and have a pleasant lemon scent ... you can prepare a salad of portolac with sour cream and walnuts, it's very tasty.

Bagging - it's quite easy! Young shoots and leaves can be used as a side dish for meat and fish dishes. They are boiled with the addition of garlic, vinegar, vegetable oil or stew with onion in vegetable oil. Delicious puff cakes with pestilence and marinated port-ling with garlic.

That's what he is, a port-lazier - not a weed, but a real healer. Share this important discovery with your friends, because many people consider this plant useless!