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Upbringing before birth

Perinatal education - not a new trend in psychology, but a pledge of the birth of a unique personality!

It is known that two thousand years ago in China they tried to influence human development In the womb. Pregnant women settled in women's communities in picturesque landscapes, where they practiced music, drawing and spiritual relaxing practices.

Upbringing before birth

Already with development Devices of ultrasonic diagnostics (In the second half of the 20th century), scientists were able to observe the behavior of the fetus and proved that the thoughts and emotions of the mother surrounding the sounds have a direct impact on the development of the baby.

Fetal development

Upbringing before birth

Establish relationships with the child And educate the future personality need long beforeHer birth. It was found that already during the 24th week the periods of the child's brain activity are fixed, and by the 27th week of the term he reacts to a light stimulus and even turns his head towards the source of bright light!

Mother-child communication

Here are some simple exercises that will help develop the child's abilities and skills and contribute to a more productive communication with him in the future.

  1. Waking up, greet the baby, and while packing to sleep, wish him sweet dreams too.
  2. While walking or doing household chores quietly humming the alphabet. Later it will be easier for a child to learn to read.
  3. it is known that Mozart's works Most positively affect the babies: take it as a rule, at least an hour a day to listen to the music of the great composer.
  4. Future mother

  5. To develop memory and imaginative thinking will help fairy tales. During sleep (you probably notice when the baby calms down), read to him, for example, about a kolobok or a chicken.
  6. Connect to classes and the future dad! The game of "ku-ku" just for this will do. Let the dad lean on one side of the abdomen and say: "ku-ku", until the baby reacts (pushed), then you need to move to the other side.
  7. Communication with the child

Overreact Intrauterine education Still it is not necessary. Remember that you are dealing with a still unborn little man, so do not overdo it. It is enough to take such games a few minutes a day.

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