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Baked onions

Onion has a strong antibacterial effect,Everyone knows about it. Fresh onion juice with honey treat bronchitis and pneumonia, relieve coughing attacks. Compresses from grated onions help with pain in the ears and can even lower body temperature if you put them on your feet.

But few people know that it is useful not only fresh, but also Baked onions. When heat treated, it does not lose its useful properties, even on the contrary!

Baked onion good

Baked onion

  1. Baked onions will help cope with ulcers and long healing wounds! You need to bake the bulb directly in the skin and apply to the sore spots, until there is an improvement.
  2. You should use baked onions for the treatment of boils. A warm onion compress should be kept on the problem site for 20 minutes a day. Very soon the boil will disappear!
  3. Thanks to the baked onion in the oven, you can cure even hemorrhoids! Packs of onions have disinfectant properties and help the skin tissues to regenerate quickly.
  4. The baked onion should be eaten more often by everyone who has problems with blood coagulability. After a heart attack or stroke, such onions are recommended to eat daily!
  5. It is very important to introduce cooked in this wayOnions in their menus to people suffering from diabetes mellitus or having a predisposition to leaps in blood sugar. You can eat onions in addition to main courses, but you can hold a full course Onion Or eat it on an empty stomach every morning.

    Effect is noticeable in a week, and all thanks toThe wonderful composition of this vegetable: sulfur and iron in the baked onions help to normalize the level of glucose in the blood and maintain the proper functioning of the pancreas and liver.

  6. When used Baked onion The condition of patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis improves. Onion helps vessels cleanse, relieves atherosclerotic plaques, prevents sharp jumps in blood pressure.

Not for nothing that I always liked the taste of baked onionsIn various dishes! After baking in the oven from the onion, only essential oils disappear, which give the fresh onions a specific taste and smell. But the benefit remains ...

Choose bulbs of medium size forCooking medicinal baked onions - they contain the greatest amount of valuable trace elements! Tell your friends about this extremely healthy product.