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Home hair treatment

Beautiful, silky, Elastic curls - the real treasure of any woman! But only a few get such wealth from nature, most of the fair sex are forced to achieve the desired effect of constant care, complaining that it takes a lot of time.

Home hair care

Home hair treatment

One of the most successful models in the world Irina shake Proved that it is not necessary to visitExpensive salons, to provide hair with a full-fledged care. The focus with the foil cap on her head, which she did during the rest, is truly genius: it saves a lot of time and a lot of money!

Irina shake on the beach

Before going out to the sun for washed and dried hair, irina applied a mask and wrapped her head in a foil, making a hat.

Irina shake on the beach

The whole trick is in thermal effect: under the influence of heat Scales of hair Are disclosed, allowing the active components of the agent to penetrate deeper. By the way, in the room you can use for this hair dryer ...

Hair iris shake

Of course, from the outside it may look a bit comical, but such a procedure is able to bring back to life even the most overdried and brittle hair. It is worth admitting that the curls of the irina are really chic!

This is a trick worth sharing, is not it?