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How to use bread

For true cooks there is no limit to perfection, and they constantly invent something new! It turns out, with the usual Bread You can do unusual things ... not everyone realizes that bread can be used not only as a basis for making sandwiches, but also as an assistant in the kitchen.

"so simple!" Prepared a A selection of lifesthaks with bread, Which will facilitate the life of any hostess.

How you can use bread

  1. Clutching a slice of bread in front of Onion cutting, You will safely avoid tears.
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  3. Freshly brewed Hot corn It is convenient to spread butter on a slice of bread without burning your hands. By the way, bread after that gets even tastier!
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  5. The cake does not become airy and does not become stale if you attach slices of bread to its slice.
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  7. If during cooking The rice burned slightly, Put a slice of bread in a saucepan, cover it and leave it for 15 minutes. The smell of burnt will disappear.
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  9. Peel the coffee grinder After powdered sugar or coffee can be, tar in it a small piece of bread. This crumb then use to sprinkle the baking dish.
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  11. Bread for toast Absorbs excess fat like a sponge.
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  13. So that sugar, marshmallows, shortbread cookies retain their freshness, place them in a container where they are stored, a piece of bread.
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  15. Croutons - French salted croutons, excellent additionTo salads or soups! Cut bread into cubes, salt, sprinkle with spices, sprinkle with olive oil, stir. Placing on a baking sheet, drying to a golden color in the oven at 200 degrees.
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  17. Are needed breadcrumbs? There is nothing easier! Skip the bread through a dry meat grinder and dry it in the oven: such crackers are much better than store crumbs!
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