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Damage to energy drinks

In the summer of 2014 Lana Haman went to MexicoWith friends of parents to spend the weekend at the seaside. Nothing foreshadowed troubles, Lana calmly rested on the beach, when suddenly she had a heart attack, which led to instant death.

Harm of alcoholic energy drinks

Harm of energy drinks

Her death was a mystery to all relatives andClose. Lana was a healthy and active girl. She completed her studies at the Peoria High School in Arizona, USA, took an active part in the public life of the school, and was also an experienced softball player (a baseball analog).

Harm of alcoholic energy drinks

Doctors believe that the cause of the death of the girl was dehydration. As it turned out, Lana spent the whole day on the beach, using energetic drinks Instead of water. The blood tests of the girl were shocked by the readings of the level of caffeine and sugar.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case of a lethal outcome from the use of energy drinks with High in caffeine. Such consequences are a lesson for each of us. Should protect themselves and their loved ones from the use of such drinks.

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