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Can I wear a bra

Which only Kinds of bras Did not come up with: increasing, decreasing, tightening, lifting ... poor our breasts! Is it worth it for beauty to expose her to such torment?

Whether to wear a bra

Can I wear a bra

There are women who have already been foreverTo say goodbye to a bra ... and if you believe the latest research in the field of mammology, it's not for nothing! Although most of us still are not in no hurry to give up the bra, having surrounded this detail of the toilet with a whole series of myths.

Beautiful bra

Myths about bra

  1. If you do not remove the bra at night, the breast will stay in shape longer.

    Sleep in the bra - this is torture, which on the form does not affect, but the damage to the glands will definitely bring.

  2. The bra will protect the breast from sagging.

    From the forces of gravity, the genetic predisposition, the effects of feeding, sudden weight drops, no bra helped.

  3. If you wear a bra correctly, it will last several years.

    Even the Quality bra From the constant socks can stretch to 8 cm, respectively, the necessary support for such linen will not have.

  4. In a smaller bra, the breasts look more seductive.

    Probably, some men and attract the bulging feminine charms, but that's ironies such maneuvers are unlikely to benefit ...

    The bra is not in size

  5. The size and shape of the cup is more important than the supporting belt.

    But there it is! Whatever shape the cup is, it is the width and elasticity of the belt that ensure the correct fit of the laundry.

  6. White bra is less visible under light clothing.

    If you want to ensure the least "visibility" of the laundry, make a choice in favor of flesh color.

Whether to wear a bra, it's up to you, but remember that periodically it's worthwhile to arrange your breasts for the weekend: you will feel much freer!

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