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Door with intercom

Installed on the entrance door Intercom Provides cleanliness in the room and the safety of residents, and also makes it difficult to penetrate a person who does not have a special key.

How to open a door phone

But the situation is different: the key is forgotten or lost, you go to visit, but the exact apartment number you do not remember, the owners do not have a call tube ... "so simple!" Will tell How to trick a doorphone Without the use of physical force and without damaging the device.

Keys from the doorphone

Door with intercom

The door with the intercom can be opened by introducing special secret codes, which, in theory, are not known to anyone except the manufacturers and installers.

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Unlock codes for doorphones of well-known manufacturers

  1. Intercoms eltis
    In this case, there are 2 options:
    1. call button - 100 - call button - 7273.
    2. Call button - 100 - Call button - 2323.
    If you can not open the door with these codes, try entering the codes for the cyfral intercoms listed below.
  2. Cyfral intercoms
    If there is an apartment in the entrance with a number representing Round one hundred (100-900), enter the following code: call button - apartment number (100-900) - call button - 2323 (or 7272, or 7273).

    If there is no apartment with this number, try the combinations: 07054, call button - 41, call button - 1410.

  3. Metacom intercoms
    There are 3 options for unlocking the doorphones of this brand.
    1. call button - the number of the initial apartment in the entrance - the call button - 5702.
    2. 65535 - call button - 1234 - call button - 8.
    3. 1234 - call button - 6 - call button - 4568.
  4. Intercoms vizit
    With doorphones of this brand will have to tinker. If the installers did not initially make changes to the settings, dial the following codes: * # 3423, 12 # 345, 67 # 890, * # 4230.

    If the intercom does not respond to these combinations, dial # 999 on the call panel and one of these codes: 1234 (standard), 0000, 9999, 3535, 12345, 6767 after 2 short beeps.

    When properly entered, the device will respond with 1 beep, indicating that you are in Service menu, And if incorrect - will give 2 beeps. After entering the service menu, enter the combination: 2 - pause - # - pause - 3535.

Use special codes only in case of emergency: unlocking the doorphone for mercenary purposes is prosecuted by law!

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