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A child eats buntings

Get out of the nose dried out mucus (gnats, more simply) - an entertaining lesson for many children and even some adults. What is the cause The habit of picking one's nose And eat your goats? They hardly possess any special flavoring qualities or contain vitamins that the body lacks ...

The child picks his nose

One thing is clear: the child in his excessive desire to put everything in his mouth, once eating a goat and rasprobovav her taste, "bite" it again.

The baby eats bunny

Some scientists say that there are bitters - good for health. Their arguments are iron: the dried nasal mucus contains substances to strengthen the immune system.

Mucus in the nose delays a certain number of microbes, so regularly get a small dose of them in bugs - the way to strengthen the child's body and Prevention of allergic reactions. A dubious statement, but it has already gathered quite a wide range of fans!

Inimitable and inimitable children's doctor Evgeny komarovsky, As always, put everything on the shelves, amazingly answering this question.

Doctor mosquito

Firstly, Dr. Komarovsky is authoritativeStates that the exact causes that cause children to pick their nose and eat gnats are still unknown to medicine. Secondly, the benefit of eating a dried secret from the nose is no more than a hypothesis, but this does not carry out direct harm to the body.

Definitely, it is worth explaining to the child that eating goats in public is an absolutely unacceptable occupation, it looks ugly ... or it will grow from him about such an uncle or aunt!

Adults pick their noses

Eugenia Aleksandrovich gives valuable advice: "If your child has systematically formed bugs, it means that your child is systematically breathing dry and warm air - this, in fact, leads to the mucus drying up."

Solution - regular airing, moistening the air and washing the nose with saline solution. This is an excellent prevention of Orvi and Orz!

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