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Needed Tricks

Life poses new challenges for us every day. "so simple!" Offers to try 10 new Tricks to ease everyday difficulties: They are worth not to be ignored!

The necessary tricks

  1. Everyone who has young (and not very) artists in the house, regularly face a problem Washing of dishes from a paint... it is enough to wrap the container with a pack of dense polyethylene, so that you do not have to worry about the paint traces anymore!
  2. Paint container

  3. Smoothies - Fast and healthy breakfast. Freezing in tightly closed packages individual portions of products, so that the preparation of this drink took only a few seconds.
  4. Products for smoothies

  5. Stationery binders Will allow to optimize a precious place in the freezing chamber.
  6. Binders on freeze bags

  7. Favorite scarves are conveniently stored on a hanger, hanging on Hooks from a shower curtain.
  8. Lifhak for fans of dining out in the fresh air: put the legs of the table in a container of water - this trick will not allow Ants Get close to yummy.
  9. How to get rid of ants

  10. coffee grounds, Scattered around the beds, prevent crawling on them slugs.
  11. Coffee grounds from slugs

  12. And with this trick even the simplest stalk will look beautiful in a vase.
  13. Flower in a vase

  14. Put a bag with Chalk In the wardrobe. Chalk perfectly absorbs moisture and various odors.
  15. Chalk in the closet

  16. Smear the nose of the jug with a small amount of butter: it will not allow drops to drop from the spout. It is especially important if the table is covered with a beautiful and expensive tablecloth.
  17. Dropped to the floor egg? Do not rush to clean it immediately: sprinkle with salt first and wait 10 minutes. After that you will effortlessly eliminate the yolk, and the ever-elusive protein.
  18. How to clean a broken egg

And what are the usefulness of the house for you? It will be very cool if you share them in the comments!