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How to remove a ring with a thread

Heat brings its own adjustments to our daily life. Many suffer from swelling, and the simple task of removing the ring from the finger turns into an impossible mission.

you do not know, How to remove a ring from a swollen finger? a "so simple!" Will prompt an amazing and painless way! The dental floss and pin will be great helpers in this process.

How to remove a ring from a finger with a thread

How to remove a ring with a thread


  1. Take a dental floss and unwind about 75Centimeters. Put the thread to the ring and with a pin pierce it under the ring so that the thread is on the underside of the ring. Be careful, do not hurt yourself! Thus the thread will be passed through the ring. Leave about 15 centimeters of filament on the side of the hand, and 60 centimeters on the side of the fingers.
  2. Holding the thread from the hand so that it does notSlipped away, begin to wind the thread from the fingers as tightly as possible around the finger (and the denser the ring sits, the denser and closer to the ring it is worth wrapping the thread). At the end of the thread, make a small loop so that it does not unwind.
  3. Now, take the other end of the thread and slowly start unwinding. Do you see how the ring begins to move? We have achieved our goal!

Watch the video to see how and what to do. It saved me more than once!

Thanks to this simple advice you know, How to remove the ring at home. And you do not need to use brute force or sunflower oil!

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