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Top dressing of indoor plants

If you take care of the flowers during the budding period, they will generously thank you! Top dressing of flowers Guarantees a longer and lush flowering of domestic plants. Buds are enlarged, and subsequently the flowers are also large, bright, saturated shades.

He who loves plants, fertilizes them! Use our method, and you will enjoy the view of the delicious flowers much longer.

Top dressing of indoor plants at home

Top dressing of indoor plants

You will need

  • 1 PET bottle
  • 1 liter. water
  • 1 tsp. Castor oil

Application of

  1. Use water that has settled at room temperature for fertilizer. Fill the liter bottle with water.
  2. Add to the water castor oil. Tighten the lid tightly and shake the contents well.
  3. An important point: water the flowers immediately after shaking, otherwise oil can burn the roots of plants!

Top dressing of indoor plants with folk remedies

For plants that bloom once a year, one time this feeding will suffice. Handsome, who blossom constantly, you can feed this way every month! Liquid top dressing They work wonders with flowerpots: I remember how my mother used to water flowers with liquid selenium, and they were incredibly beautiful ...

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