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How to charge the phone correctly

Many of us are surprised at the fact that Modern phones Do not hold the battery for a long time, because of what they have to constantly recharge.

How to properly charge your phone

How to properly charge the phone's battery

In fact, there is a share of our guilt here. Contrary to the widespread myth that the phone needs to be charged 100%, this is strictly prohibited! At least, so say the representatives of the company cadex - one of the largest manufacturers of batteries.

When the phone reaches its maximum Battery level, He begins to receive electricity in small portions, which help maintain this figure. Thus the battery wears out in a short period of time.

How to properly charge the phone's battery

So you should unplug the phone from chargingEven before it is fully charged. Also cadex insists that it is best to charge the phone in small portions throughout the day. In addition, the batteries of modern gadgets are very sensitive to overheating: during the charge it is better to remove the cover from the phone.

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