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Walking on your knees

Everyone knows how useful walking is, but few people have heard of walking on their knees. Unfortunately, this exceptionally valuable Taoist practice is not so widespread in our country ...

It is recommended for everyone to walk on their knees, thisExercise without contraindications! Even those who have knee pain, can test effective Chinese technique. It turns out that my knees ache very often because of Muscle atrophy Back, legs, spine, in other words, pain occurs in people leading a sedentary lifestyle!

Kneeling for weight loss

Walking on the knees

Taoist walking on his knees Helps to cope with kidney and liver diseases. The fact is that on the knee pads there are points that are useful to stimulate when the internal organs fail. Chinese medicine recognizes this exercise as a panacea for all diseases!

Indeed, this way of walking in front of othersPhysical loads has a number of advantages. A real diamond among the chaff! This training should be given only 15-20 minutes daily, only so the result will be palpable. Impressive accessibility!

Exercise on the floor, laying underKnees soft blanket. Move slowly, leaning only on the kneecaps! If you feel pain in the knee joint with such a load, and this is quite possible at first, try to walk on your knees on the bed. When the muscles of the legs are strong enough, the pain will pass away!

Performing this exercise daily, you can very quickly achieve Weight loss legs!! Surprising, but this practice will help even Improve vision: In the area of ​​the knee tendons are points that are responsible for the proper functioning of the liver, kidneys and eyes.

We recommend you to walk on your knees with your eyes closed - the effect will be even more powerful! It is also possible to perform a "golden cock" complex, which strengthens all body systems.

Check on yourself this ancient Chinese exercise, you will feel the improvement of your condition very soon! We wish you long life and good health.