/ How to wear a skirt

How to wear a skirt

Modern society dictates its own conditions of life,And women often need to adjust and change to find their place under the sun. Today, women can be found among the military, miners, firemen, driving public transport, as well as in leadership positions. They have mastered even such a complex profession as an airplane pilot.

Unfortunately, the current young ladies havenot sweet. Very often they must perform a man's job, which does not allow wearing skirts, dresses and sarafans. But even the most busy women have a vacation. At this time you can relax and wear only those clothes that you really like.

Today we will talk about such an important element of clothing, like a skirt. From ancient times it was believed that through the hem Long skirt Women receive a special energy of the elements of the earth.

How to wear a skirt

Magic of women's clothing

Women who wear pants or jeans for a long time deprive themselves of this particular energy. If you have the opportunity to wear feminine outfits, be sure to use it.

Also very important is the time of putting on and taking off the skirt. Removing the skirt through the legs, you risk interrupting a well-adjusted flow Female energy. Should be undressed correctly: gently pulling the skirt by the waist and lifting it over the head. So the healing energy will pass through the whole body and remain in it to bestow good.

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