/ / The Harm of Candies

Damage to sweets

Most recently in the United States a terrible scandal broke out,Associated with the production of all famous m & m's sweets. A large number of indignant parents collect signatures under a petition demanding to stop using Synthetic dyes When making colored dragees.

Harm of sweets

According to the research of the center of science in the interests ofSociety, in these sweets were detected dyes: e171, e104, e129, e122, e124, e133, e110, e102. The fact is that these chemical additives cause in children increased excitability, anxiety, as well as neuroses.

Candies mmdems composition

Some parents conducted an experiment, excludingFor a certain time, harmful drops from the diet of babies. They came to the conclusion that such a diet benefited their children, because the children's well-being improved significantly.

Mmds the composition of sweets

Producers, of course, deny the presence of harmfulDyes in sweets, referring to the fact that the technology of their manufacture complies with the company's internal safety rules, as well as with the American laws on food products.

One should still limit the excessive use of these sweets to their children. It is better to pamper your family with homemade cakes or sweets cooked by yourself.

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