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We love our children and do not miss the opportunityShare their pride, their happiness to be the parents of cute, intelligent, fun kids. Modern parents often post on the Internet a variety of family photos on which there is a child.

And our information is not at all a reason to hide fromThe public of your child! But this is a reminder that you need to be reasonable by posting any information about yourself and your children on the Internet. In particular Children's photos!!

Children's photos in social networks

Publication of photos

7 reasons not to publish children's photos on the Internet

  1. Geolocation
    The photo can contain information about where the child most often spends time. Criminals can easily track the location, drawing attention to geolocation markers!
  2. Hobbies and leisure
    If you post on the Internet a photo showing the child's hobby, the unfamiliar cheater will have valuable information. The child is easily deceived and lured anywhere, knowing about his hobbies and interests.
  3. Official data
    Never put online photo of a child with a passport or other documents! This is obvious, but many people are so fond of bragging about their newly obtained passport or visa ... Placing such a photo - not as frivolous an event as you think!
  4. Property data
    You can not upload pictures of children near your car - license plates can be lit in the photo, for the sake of parents' safety, this should also not be done.
  5. Semi-rendered photo
    Innocent children's photos can become a bait for sick perverts. Do not forget about it, publishing in any social network cute pictures of your child!
  6. Compromising evidence
    Some photos may in the futureTo compromise your child! No one thinks about it, publishing strange and funny photos, but the reality is this: the Internet will save them, and when a child grows up, it can ruin his life. We often forget about it, but our children's photos, which cause shame for hapless parents photographers, should be seen only by the closest people.
  7. Claims of other parents
    Do not publish a photo of the child with his friend without the permission of his parents! This can lead to serious trouble, if they were against such actions on your part.

Remember that Placing photos on the Internet Can lead to various consequences! Be careful and prudent, take care of the safety of your family. Modern criminals do not miss the opportunity to monitor victims using the Internet ...

Show this article to all your friends, remind them of the necessary precautions in the network!