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What is treated with leeches

Hirudotherapy - one of the most ancient methods of treating manyDiseases. Today this way of healing is not to everyone's liking, since few people like to contact slippery worms, even for a short time.

Despite the awkwardness of the procedure, the effectThe effect of leeches on the human body is simply stunning! For medicinal purposes use only 2 types of leeches, which are specially bred in laboratories. Each leech is used only 1 time to exclude the risk of infection. In one session hirudotherapy takes 5-7 leeches.

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What is being treated with leeches

  1. Osteochondrosis
    With the help of hirudotherapy you can cure such aAn unpleasant illness, like osteochondrosis. Leeches give off a special secret that, when ingested, stimulates blood circulation. This contributes to the process of restoration of intervertebral discs.
  2. Varicose veins
    Treatment of varicose veins with leeches - Long procces. This disease develops slowly in the body, and it needs to be treated gradually. With regular procedures hirudotherapy, veins begin to narrow, and nodes and stars change with time.
  3. obesity
    Due to slagging, the liver is formed stagnant blood and it begins to produce a "weak" bile, which is not able to ensure a good digestion of food.

    Hirudotherapy is aimed at eliminating stagnationBlood in the place where leeches are attached. The body receives a new arterial blood, which contributes to the development of rich bile. Thus, the metabolism is accelerated, and the person gradually loses excess weight.

  4. diabetes
    Hirudotherapy with diabetes mellitus can be prescribed only in combination with basic treatment. In the saliva of leeches insulin-like substances are contained, which have a hypoglycemic effect.

Also hirudotherapy helps with such diseases,As hypertension, atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, gastritis, cholecystitis, neuroses, and also with sleep disorders. Unfortunately, the treatment with leeches is contraindicated for people with bleeding disorders, children under 10 years and women during pregnancy.

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