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Ideas for Life

"so simple!" Does not cease to amaze his readers with new ideas and Useful lifjhakami. Today our editorial board has tested the best of them on itself. Do you want to know what happened? Look in our article.

Ideas for life

  1. Stretching clothes with baby shampoo
    It is necessary to add 50 g of baby shampoo in a small amount of water and soak in it for a few minutes the right thing. Then use a towel to dry it a little, wringing it into a tight roll.

    When the thing dries, you need to carefully stretch it, laying it on a flat surface. We experienced this trick, and it really works!

  2. How to quickly stretch clothes

    How to quickly stretch clothes

  3. Unzipping of a zipper that constantly jams
    It should be done with a wax pencil over the teeth of the lightning and unzip it several times. We experienced this trick, and it worked.
  4. How to zip up

    How to zip up

  5. How to avoid the appearance of stains from sweat on clothes
    It is enough to attach a daily gasket in the underarm area from the back of the clothing. We also tested this lifhak, we admit to you honestly, it does not work with all daily gaskets.

    You should choose a gasket with a quality adhesive tape, otherwise it will simply be detached from the clothes at the most inopportune moment.

  6. How to avoid stains + from sweat + on clothes

  7. How to wear high heels without discomfort
    Should be wrapped with adhesive tape 3rd and 4th fingersEvery leg. Our editorial board experienced this lifhak, but it did not live up to our expectations. Already in 5 minutes after being in uncomfortable shoes there was a feeling of discomfort and pain.
  8. The most useful lifhaki

  9. How to get rid of spools on clothes
    It is enough to use the usual shavingMachine tool. It should be done lightly with a razor in one direction in those places on clothes where there are pellets. Our editor, armed with a razor, easily got rid of the spools on one of the winter sweaters. Verified - this trick works!
  10. How to get rid of pellets at home

Tell us about lifhhakas that have simplified your life, we will write about them in the next article!