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Than wash the plastic window sill

wide use Plastic windows Set new challenges for the owners, because the trouble is that the white, completely new plastic window sill is losing its original appearance too quickly.

Plastic window with podonkom

"so simple!" Will tell, How to wash a plastic window sill From the stale dirt, eliminate traces of flower pots, mold and other contaminants.

Flowers on a plastic window sill

Than wash the plastic window sill

  1. To remove common contaminants, use Wet wipes for cleaning, Intended, for example, for washing a refrigerator or microwave.
  2. for Removing traces from markers, Iodine, zelenki can be used for washing glasses on the basis of ammonia.
  3. If the stain does not lend itself, prepare a gruel from Bleaching washing powder And water, apply it to the contamination and leave it for 15 minutes.
    How to wash a window sill
  4. Convenient washcloth 2 in 1, which is suitable not only for cleaning the windowsill: just wrap the laundry soap in an unnecessary capron sock!
  5. Rust spots Remove with undiluted vinegar essence. Do not forget about rubber gloves, the acid does not spare the skin!
  6. Return the surface of the lost whiteness will help Chlorine bleach. Apply, distribute with a sponge and wash. The procedure is best performed with open windows.
  7. baking soda Has proved to be an effective tool forFight against black mold. Prepare a liquid gruel from soda and water and apply it to the areas affected by the fungus. After 30 minutes rub the surfaces with a sponge and wash with water.
  8. If your window sill already has nothing to help can not, there is a great solution! Now there is a huge choice on the market Self-adhesive film Various colors and textures. You can stop at the usual white or choose the one suitable for the style of the interior. The convenience of the film is that it can be changed at any time to a new one.
    Polymeric film for pasting of windowsill

The most important: to not have to apply too much effort to clean the windowsill, remove the contaminants immediately after their appearance! Fresh spots are much more amenable to elimination.

Friends probably want to know how you reached such a cleanliness of the windowsills!