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Aqua aerobics for weight loss

Resting on the sea or swimming in the pool, you canLikely to lose weight! Today you'll learn about the tricky way to instantly burn calories. Think only: splashing in your pleasure, you find a figure, which has long dreamed of ...

That's why I choose Aqua aerobics classes!! Aqua aerobics strengthens the cardiovascularSystem and makes the muscles of the whole body strong, elastic. While after this type of training, lactic acid does not accumulate in the muscles, that is, there is no unpleasant sensation of muscle pain. But calories burned in 2 times more than during regular activities: the water seems to wash them off!

Water aerobics for weight loss

It is sufficient to perform each of these exercises 10time! This healthy load relieves nervous tension - bear this in mind if your work is stressful and you sometimes suffer from insomnia.

Effective exercises

  1. Tighten the buttocks
    Go in the water, lifting your knees high and keep your hands in front of you. A complicated option is to extend your arms to the sides, then the back muscles will be involved.
  2. Aqua aerobics exercises

  3. Get rid of cellulite
    Connect your hands to the castle and forcefully lead them around the waist and hips, making a whirlpool. It will help improve blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin, and this is the best way to get rid of cellulite!
  4. Exercise in water

  5. Improve posture
    Straighten your back and pull your stomach as much as possible. This lightest exercise not only makes the posture ideal, but also improves digestion! A complicated variant: to do so, standing on one leg.
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  7. We train the back of the thighs
    Lift up your legs, trying to reach out with the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. Effectively do such a move forward and away.
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  9. Strengthen the hamstrings
    Alternately take out the heels to the buttocks, the right heel - the left buttock, and vice versa.
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  11. We train the inner thighs
    Put your feet together, and your armsPalms down. Jump in the water, spreading straight legs to the sides and raising and lowering your hands. Aqua aerobics perfectly suits people who are obese. If on land to do some exercise it is difficult, then in the water it is much easier!
  12. Aqua aerobics exercises

  13. We train hands and press
    Stand on your half-bent legs, keep them on the width of your shoulders. Rake up your hands with water in front of you, working as scissors. Do not forget to keep your back straight, and the press - tight!
  14. Water aerobics for weight loss

  15. Create an expressive press
    Dive into the water to the breast level. Keep your feet together, put your hands on your waist. Do turns in different directions, trying to move in the water only the hips and straining the obliques of the abdomen.
  16. Aqua aerobics in the pool

  17. We form the upper press
    Keep in shallow water, shoving your hands. Pull your knees to your stomach, turning them in different directions. While doing a large angle, strain the muscles of the press as hard as possible.
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  19. Have fun with the use
    Ball games help burn an impressive amount of calories! For an hour of training in water is consumed from 450 to 700 kcal. Playing water volleyball and other games, you will train your muscles well.
  20. Exercises in waist water

If you do not know how to swim, it is now clear what you can do while everyone is trying to reach the buoys! For those who want to very quickly fit themselves into shape, a special Aqua aerobics in the pool, Which is conducted by the instructor. But readers "so simple!" Already armed with the right exercises. I hope you will appreciate the effect of water training!

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