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How to lose weight without diet and remove the stomach

This 26-year-old girl's name is amanda, in just 1 year she managed Lose weight by 40 kg. In doing so, she did not exhaust herself withHealth diets and did not attend expensive fitness centers. Amanda weighed almost 100 kg, but when she had to change her way of life a little, how incredible happened!

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How to lose weight without diet and remove the stomach

  1. step one
    Moderate exercise will help to say goodbye to extra pounds. Only 20 minutes of active activity per day will not only accelerate the process of losing weight, but also strengthen the cardiovascular system.

    Walking, cycling, swimming, playing volleyball, climbing the stairs - all this does not require huge efforts. You can choose any active lesson at your discretion.

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  2. Step two
    It is necessary to control the amount of food eaten. This task is not simple, so the body takes time to adapt.

    Such measures do not at all imply a refusal to accept your favorite food. Should simply competently calculate portions, as well as eat foods rich in fiber.

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  3. Step three
    It is necessary to consume more proteins. It is high-protein diet that allows you to quickly lose excess pounds without damaging the human muscle tissue. In addition, protein products perfectly satisfy the feeling of hunger. Unfortunately, such Weight loss method Contraindicated in people with heart disease.
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Today, Amanda continues to lead the same way of life and feels terrific. Get busy and you're recovering your health!

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