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How to distinguish real honey

Natural honey - a well of health and longevity! But what if it is not a real honey, but a surrogate? Today our editorial board will share a secret, How to distinguish real honey from fake. We hope, our advice will be useful to you.

How to distinguish natural honey from forgery

How to distinguish real honey

  1. By taste
    Real honey, in addition to the sweet taste, must also have bitterness, causing a slight perspiration in the throat. It is best to buy honey in the market, where there is an opportunity to try the product.
  2. By smell and fragrance
    Natural honey often has an unobtrusive floral aroma. Artificial honey may not have a fragrance at all, but there is another extreme - a sharp artificial smell.
  3. By color
    It is better to avoid buying honey with pronouncedWhite shade, this feature may indicate the feeding of bees with sugar syrup. Naturally, in its useful properties, it is much inferior to natural honey.
  4. In the beginning of spring honey appears on the market with a dark shade. This shade is inherent in buckwheat honey. But there are cases when unscrupulous sellers give out last year's dark honey for fresh buckwheat.

    Such a color can be obtained if you overeat the last year's frozen honey. Should be cautious about buying buckwheat honey, it is better to buy it from friends of beekeepers.

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