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Toothpaste tube

Amazing, but a simple tube of toothpaste can really make life easier and better! Thanks to microscopic abrasive particles in the composition Toothpaste The range of application of this product is much wider than we are used to believe.

Tube of toothpaste

This collection of "so simple!" - the evidence that such a habitual hygiene product, enclosed in a plastic tube, is useful not only for cleaning the oral cavity. Toothpaste is really amazing with its versatility!

  1. Eliminates Unpleasant odors (Garlic, fish and others).
    Toothpaste for hands
  2. Helps to quickly remove swelling and bruising.
    Toothpaste for hands
  3. Copes with Impurities on carpets.
    Toothpaste for cleaning
  4. Removes stains left after dyeing hair.
    Toothpaste from contaminants
  5. Strengthens and polishes Nails.
    Toothpaste for nails
  6. Helps to get rid of minor scratches on the phone screen.
    Toothpaste for cleaning
  7. Successfully fights against Black dots And acne.
    Toothpaste from black dots
  8. Removes traces of a felt-tip pen.
    Toothpaste for cleaning
  9. Neutralizes the persistent smell, which is embedded in the walls of plastic containers.
    Toothpaste for cleaning
  10. Polishes to shine Chrome plated surfaces.
    Toothpaste for cleaning

A compelling selection, is not it? Definitely worth using. Surely you know a couple more unexpected ways of using toothpaste, share them!