/ How to adjust plastic windows

How to adjust plastic windows

Earlier with the onset of winter, people pasted their wooden windows with paper strips and plugged the cracks with foam rubber. With indoor installation Plastic window You can forget about these worries.

Old wooden window

But often the master installers, quickly coping with their work, forget to tell the happy owners of the new window about two important things.

Firstly, all the moving parts of the fittings need regular lubrication. Do the procedure at least once a year, pouring the usual machine oil. Secondly, with the change of seasons of the window it is necessary to translate into the summer and winter conditions, respectively.

Adjustment of plastic windows

How to adjust plastic windows

Almost all modern constructions are equipped with adjustment. To check if the hardware is being transferred to another mode, it's enough to look at special Eccentrics (Trunnions) located on the side surface of the leaf.

If they have holes for a hexagon orScrewdrivers, asterisks, and also if the eccentric is oval in shape, then such fittings will certainly be translated into summer or winter conditions. But the ability to switch is better to clarify even before the installation of windows.

Modes of plastic windows

So that Toggle Window Mode, Simply rotate with the appropriate tool all the trunnions on the leaf (the larger the window size, the more their number) in the desired position.

Modes of plastic windows

If the leaf is constantly in winter mode, this leads to an additional load on the Rubber band And it wears out more quickly. The pressing force of the window is easy to check. Clamp the usual sheet of paper: if you can easily remove it, the window is in summer mode.

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