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Tips for repairing an apartment

Apartment repair - a very important and responsible process that can not be shifted to the shoulders of strangers.

In any case, the workers will deceive you, but the losses can be minimized if you approach the matter wisely. Our editorial board prepared several Useful advice On repair, we hope, they will be useful to you.

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Tips for repairing an apartment

  1. Purchase of materials
    In no case do not trust workers to purchaseBuilding materials, even if they beg you about it. They often hang their interest in the price, knocking down a considerable amount of money from the customer. Do not be lazy, study price policy in the market of building materials and make purchases in a proven store.
  2. Purchase of tools
    If the workers claim that they need to purchaseA new tool at your expense, - drive such insolent people into the neck. Experienced masters necessarily find all the necessary devices for the repair of any apartment.
  3. Apartment, as a place of residence of workers
    Often impudent workers ask to live in an apartment,Where they make repairs. This encroachment on square meters should immediately be stopped. Otherwise, do not be surprised if the Samaritan workers will repair not only you, but also your neighbors, and in the surrounding areas.

    Then your repair will be delayed not for 1 week, but fora few months. Also do not be surprised if one day you find in your home close relatives of a superintendent who have nowhere to go, except how to spend the night with you.

  4. Terms of repair
    This is a very important point: if workers swear that they will do everything literally in a few days, then you can forget about quality repairs.

    The other side of the coin - the workers are delaying the process. Such behavior indicates that you are not their only client and most likely they will do repairs in their remaining free time.

    Remember, to repair a one-room apartment of 20 square meters. The brigade of three people should not leave more than 1 week.

  5. Negligence of workers
    Always need to monitor the repair process, especially when laying down hidden communications. Otherwise you risk getting sockets glued to the wallpaper and pipes made of cheap plastic.

To avoid repair problems, carefully study all the nuances and calculate the estimate yourself. We wish you only pleasant emotions and reliable workers!