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How to use a smartphone

There are many cool tricks that can improve our daily comfort. Compilation Lifhafakov for the phone from "so simple!" Just from the category of these, because the mobile has long been an indispensable thing for modern man.

How to use a smartphone

  1. Flight mode To conserve battery power. Radio modules of the phone consume a lot of energy for continuous communication with the towers, search for a wi-fi signal and attempts to connect to it, determining the location by gps. Activation of this mode disables all radio modules, which allows to significantly increase the operating time of the device, and this is especially important in the moments when it is not possible to recharge it.
    Flight mode in phone
  2. Place the phone in a glass (empty) to Increase volume Signal. This trick is especially useful for those who can not be awakened from the cannon in the morning!
    Phone in a glass
  3. Use Port of a usb-TV for recharging the phone!!
    Charging from usb
  4. Differentiate Camera phone: Frontal is better for shootingSelf-portraits, as it allows you to hide some skin imperfections. The exterior removes with greater sharpness, which allows you to better take a picture of a dish, a bouquet of flowers, a landscape.
    Camera phone
  5. Do It Night light from phone. Turn on the flashlight and put on top a small plastic container filled with water.
    Lamp from smartphone
  6. Glasses will perfectly cope with the function Phone Stands!!
    Stand for phone from glasses
  7. Make Stylus for smartphone It is possible from an ordinary ballpoint pen, simply wrap it with foil.
    Stylus pen
  8. If the manufacture of the stylus pen is impossible for any reason, use a battery!
    Battery stylus
  9. case for phone - an excellent cache for personal savings.
    Money in the phone case

Agree, the trick with the glass can do a good job and help to wake up in time, so you do not have to justify yourself to the authorities about the delay ...

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