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Bathroom decor with own hands

Shower cabin, trimmed with small decorativeStones, usually found only in expensive hotel suites. In pursuit of the beauty and comfort of their home, this ingenious couple decided to create a miracle by their own hands!

Experienced spouses found not only aesthetic, butAnd extremely economical solution! The necessary materials can be bought for a penny ... looking at the result of their work, do not get tired of admiring. But what if you cover a small pebble with varnish and decorate it with the walls of your bathroom? But what if I did the same thing, but using shells?

Bathroom decor with own hands

You will need

  • Shingle
  • liquid Nails
  • building mixture


  1. Pick up pebbles of the right size. A special glue for tiles or liquid nails will help you fix them on the walls of the shower. The work is painstaking, but for the sake of a more aesthetic look of your bathroom it is worth trying!
    Decor of the bathroom with your hands photo
  2. When the glue dries, it is necessary to apply a mortar that will fill the clearings between the stones.
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  3. Yes, the process of working on such decoration of the bathroom takes a lot of time and requires an uncommon willpower. But the result ... now I know, How to decorate a bathroom In his new home!
    Bathroom decor with own hands
  4. How pleasant it is on this floor! Massage of the feet during the shower - well thought out, in my opinion ...
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Similar Wall decoration in the bathroom Looks gorgeous, pebble can not be usedOnly for the décor of the shower! We spend enough time in the bathroom, why not make this home zone a place for resting the soul from the stresses of everyday life? Tell me about this wonderful idea to your friends, if it inspired you!