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Ensuring confidentiality

The life of modern man is difficult to imagine without social networks. However, in communication without borders, their Information threats. Your personal information can be used against you! How to protect yourself from extraneous views and not become a victim in the most popular social network of our time? "So simple!" Will prompt!

Privacy protection In priority with facebook, however, very few people know how to use it. Just a couple of minutes of time, and you're invisible!


  1. Log in to your account and click on the lock in the top corner of the page on the right. Go to the "see other settings" section.
    Confidentiality and secrecy of information
  2. In the "privacy settings and tools" menu that appears in the "who can see your publications in the future?" Section, select the "just me" option.
    Privacy on the Internet
  3. You can hide information publishedbefore. Selecting the item "restrict access to previous publications", confirming your actions by clicking "apply these restrictions to past publications", you will hide your entries from all users except friends.
    Confidentiality of the database

    Confidentiality of data
  4. Random friends can also be controlled. In the item "who can send you requests for addition to friends?" Choose the option "friends of friends".
    Confidentiality in facebook
  5. If for some reason you do not want toUsers found you by e-mail, in the "who can find you with your e-mail address." Mail? "Also make a substitute for" friends. " This algorithm can be used for the item "Who can find you with the phone number you specified?".
    Confidentiality is guaranteed

    Confidentiality of data on the Internet
  6. Do not you like that your page appears in popular search engines? Remove the label opposite the item "Allow search engines to link to your chronicle".
    Privacy of privacy
  7. To suddenly not appear in news feedsOther people, in the "chronicle and tags" menu, select the "just me" option opposite all items. And in the paragraph "who sees the recommendations of tags, when you upload photos with images of people similar to you?" Choose "no one".
    Privacy Policy
  8. Organize careful control over theirThe presence in the social network will help the label opposite to the items "post the tags made by friends before posting them in your chronicle" and "post the tags that other users make in your publications before they appear on facebook."
    Confidentiality of information security
  9. You can make your publications available only to friends. In the "Subscribers" menu opposite the item "You can subscribe to my updates", select "friends".
    Privacy and security
  10. Hide entries made with oldMobile facebook applications that do not have built-in audience selection function, you can select "old versions of facebook for mobile devices" in the "Applications" menu and set the option "just me".
    Confidentiality and protection of personal data

These little manipulations will take only a few minutes of your time, but they will help you save Confidentiality of data, Privacy and protect from unwanted acquaintances.

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