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Products from plastic bottles

Do not know what to do with empty plastic bottles? Do not rush to throw them away! These crafts made of plastic bottles help you improve your home without making any special effort.

Plastic bottles are found in every home. This object turns out to be very versatile and multifunctional. If you put a little effort and time, A product from a plastic bottle with your own hands Will become a steep subject of your interior.

Products from plastic bottles

  1. A plastic bottle can become a beautiful decoration element.
  2. Plastic Bottles Crafts

  3. You can make a small stylish vase!
  4. Plastic bottles second life

  5. Candlestick from a plastic bottle? easily!
  6. Plastic bottles use

  7. The bottle can become a stencil for another element of the decor.
  8. Plastic bottle products

  9. Pots for pots - a great idea. But for seedlings?
  10. Plastic bottles for cottages

  11. A mini-greenhouse can be placed directly on your balcony.
  12. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

  13. A dead wall of the house can be easily landscaped.
  14. Plastic bottles of interesting crafts for the garden

  15. The swan flower bed will surprise your guests with its beauty.
  16. Plastic swan bottles

  17. Crafts from bottles for summer residence - great idea!
  18. Plastic bottles for watering

  19. Ottoman from plastic bottles Becomes a favorite subject of the interior
  20. Plastic bottles in the country

  21. A plastic bottle can become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.
  22. Plastic bottle application

  23. A new dessert will surprise your friends with its uniqueness.
  24. Plastic bottles for crafts

  25. Jewelry will be in reliability thanks to a pair of plastic bottles.
  26. Plastic bottle ideas

  27. With such an adaptation, small parts will no longer be lost.
  28. Plastic bottles on the farm

I used to throw out plastic bottles without thinking, but these ideas inspired me! I'll just make a swan and put it in the yard ...

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