/ How to remove fat from your hands

How to remove fat from your hands

from Fat deposits on the hands With age, face both women and men. The problem usually manifests itself after 30 years, when due to insufficient physical activity, the volume of muscle mass decreases and is replaced by fat tissue. And if we add to this the decrease in the elasticity of the skin, we get the jelly-like upper part of the hands.

Remove excess fat and improve the contours of the hands Possibly with an effective program from "so simple!". These 3 effective ways will again make your hands graceful!

Sagging skin of hands

How to remove fat from your hands

  1. food
    If you want the body to change,Change your eating habits! No matter how trite it may sound. The first thing to do is to abandon sugar, alcohol and sweet fizzy drinks. Lean on protein foods: fish, chicken and turkey, eggs, cheese.

    Take care of sufficient quantities in the diet of fresh vegetables and herbs. Observe Drinking regime. Such food will have a beneficial effect on the figure!

    Greens and protein food

  2. skin care
    Contrast shower, massage and wraps will help Return skin elasticity. Contrast shower stimulates the blood vessels, due to which the skin is enriched with oxygen and necessary useful substances.

    Massage will also help get rid of the sagging skin. Circular movements, knead problem areas of each hand for 15-20 minutes. To enhance the effect of using special Massage oils.
    For wraps of arms the same anti-cellulite compositions as for other parts of the body will do.

    Care for forearms and hands

  3. Exercises for hands
    And, of course, that Tone up loose muscles, To improve the outlines of the arms and forearms, even in a day you need to perform physical exercises aimed at strengthening these parts of the body.

    Look, perhaps, the most effective complexExercises for hands, with which you can soon afford to wear open tops and T-shirts. Instead of dumbbells, by the way, you can use plastic bottles filled with water!

You can achieve positive results, only an integrated approach is needed. And for self-motivation measure the girth of the upper part of the hands before the start of the program and after. Good luck to you!

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