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Recommendations for women

These tricks caught my eye accidentally, and I was very happy. Cribs on how to properly dye your eyes, How to use cosmetics And at the same time look natural - the favorite theme of many women! I hope these tricks will be useful to you. No. 10 and No. 11 helped me save a lot!

Recommendations for women

  1. Face shape correction It is not a difficult task if we use the correct scheme. The main rule - the bronze must be matte!
    Tips for women to care for themselves
  2. A hint that will help make perfect arrows!
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  3. Cunning, which will help to achieve the effect of lush and thick eyelashes. Perch brushes for carcasses in hot water. Each villus will be smoothed out, and you can make up your eyelashes in the best way!
    Women's beauty tricks
  4. Interesting ways of tying scarves and stoles.
    Recommendations to women
  5. Thanks to this cunning lips will seem more plump! This advice became my best friend ...
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  6. That's how you can make a focus on the eyebrows with a few strokes!
    Eye Makeup Tricks
  7. Such a make-up will make the look more open and clear, and also hide signs of fatigue.
    Eye Makeup Tricks
  8. A wonderful step-by-step instruction! Choose a shade of shadows that matches the color of your eyes, and you will always be sure of the elegant appearance.
    Eye Makeup Tricks
  9. Makeup for beauties with green eyes!
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  10. The dried mascara can be brought back to life by holding the tube for some time in hot water! This trick saved me a lot of money ...
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  11. Scratches on sunglasses are formed very easily, but there are methods for eliminating them, accessible to everyone! A means for polishing copper or silver can remove scratches from the lenses of glasses.

    For the same purpose you can use toothpasteWithout the effect of bleaching: a small amount of paste to wipe the scratch, then rinse with water. Soda, mixed with a few drops of water, will also work as a polishing agent!

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Any modern Woman enjoys cosmetics, After all to look after itself means to show respect and love to itself. Share these useful tricks with friends, I'm sure they will be useful to them more than once!