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Irrigation system

Sooner or later, most of us faced a problem: Watering of indoor plants during vacation. You can ask neighbors or relatives to help in this easy task. But what if there is nobody to ask? What should you do if you are often absent from home?

"so simple!" Loves flowers, so I prepared for you an interesting idea - Automatic watering system!! With the help of simple materials at hand you can make drip irrigation yourself and your green pets will always be in good condition.

Watering plants on vacation

Watering system

You will need

  • Water tank
  • Medical system for droppers (for each flower separately)

The process of manufacturing this system is quite simple. The secret is that a droplet regulator is inserted in the dropper tube, with which you can set the required frequency of water dripping.

  1. Take a dropper and take the needles off the tips.
  2. Lower one end of the dropper into a container of water and secure this tube with a special holder or weighting agent.
  3. The other end bring to the flower. Make sure that the dropper tube does not bend anywhere, otherwise the water will not flow to the vase.
  4. Using the droplet regulator, set the required watering frequency for the flower.
  5. After some time, double-check the device and the frequency of watering.

In such a simple way you can provide a flower drip irrigation, And to myself leave without feelings and torments. Naturally, such watering is more a necessity, not a norm, but several weeks in such a regime will allow both you and the green pet to endure separation without big losses.

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