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Air freshener in the car

An unpleasant smell often haunts us in the car. In most cases, everything happens because of excess moisture or long-term storage of things. Air fresheners And flavors rarely give the desired effect, clogging the odor, but not ridding it of its cause.

"so simple!" Knows how to help you get rid of an unpleasant smell.

Air freshener

Air freshener in the car

A characteristic odor arises in foci of excessive moisture. But there is a means that can help, - Dry tea!! Thanks to its properties, regular tea is ideal for absorbing excessive moisture and gives the air a pleasant aroma.

You probably have a couple of tea bags at home. They can be used as an air freshener in a car.

To start, wash the car outside and inside. Next, you need to hang a bag of tea on the rearview mirror, where often have Freshener for car. The advantage of such a freshener is that youYou can independently choose the variety and smell of tea, the sachet of which will hang in your car. In addition, it is a natural product that will not cause allergies.

If you are confused by the appearance of a tea bag, you can pick up a decorative bag to your liking and put a bag in it.

we love Aromatic tea For his excellent taste, usefulness and sense of vivacity, which he gives. Now there is another reason to respect this product.

Show ingenuity and creativity, and tea bags will turn into faithful helpers in the household.

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