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Chic interior

I remember, some time ago it was popularMake a "wish card". On a large sheet of glued the image of the house, of which they dreamed, a coveted car or a beauty, which I wanted to become like. People believed that a bright visual image would bring them closer to a dream!

If I could make a similar map now, I would print these photos! A modest 96-year-old grandmother decided to sell her unremarkable house. But this can only be said about the facade of the building! Chic renovation, Which can be observed inside, is the result of the efforts of a person with excellent taste. Real antiques!

Chic interior apartments

Chic interior

  1. Hall in pastel colors. The first impression is the most important, and you enter this temple of grace with a sinking heart ...
    Chic interior apartments
  2. Stylish charm of the 50's has remained untouched! This chair so reminds me of a bud of terry tea rose, and I want to seat there a bumblebee.
    Chic interior of the house
  3. Here everything is so harmonious, the smallest details and curls create a holiday mood. Each room is a separate universe.
    Chic interior of the house
  4. How I would like to start my morning in such a kitchen! Flawlessly ...
    Chic interior photo
  5. Corner in pink. Here you can read, engage in creativity, talk with friends. The old lady spent a lot of time here!
    Chic interior rooms
  6. Violet - the favorite color of the venerable lady's husband. The bedroom in this color looks amazing!
    Interior in a private house photo
  7. Another bedroom, pink. Feeling like you are inside a cake with cream.
    Interior of a private house inside a photo
  8. Bathroom in which you want to stay longer. I really liked the candlestick-shaped lamp!
    Private house interior photo
  9. Oh, I can not help admiring the exclamation! This room can be safely used for the shooting of the film: authentic scenery, not the interior! Faster for the bar ...
    Design and interior of a private house photo
  10. Absolutely clean, tidy laundry. It can be seen that the landlady was following the house properly!
    Design of rooms in a private house photo
  11. In the garden is also good! Well-groomed plants complement the pleasant impression of a paradise house. Would you like to live in this?
    Design of rooms in a private house photo

Do not judge a book by the cover! This saying illustrates the best Exquisite interior Home of a simple old lady. Show this beauty to your friends, a thoughtful interior is something you can not admire ...