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Kitchen Decor

For sure many times before you there was a question: what to do with old CDs? They do not want to listen to them any more, and they take their place. One creative couple created Kitchen decor Proving that old CDs can become an original element of the interior. The working wall of their kitchen was turned into a delightful mosaic.

Holographic film that covers the surface of the disc, allows you to reflect light in a room at any angle, creating a fabulous atmosphere.

Kitchen decor

Kitchen decor

To create this Kitchen decor, You need to cut the disks into small pieces. It is important to pick up scissors that will make this process less complicated and time-consuming. Cut carefully, so as not to damage the holographic film, which creates the entire light effect.

Depending on the surface of the kitchen wall, select the glue that will securely and securely attach pieces of discs to the wall. Kitchen decor Ready!

This is a rather laborious process, but itDefinitely worth the effort. Your kitchen will become more interesting, brighter and lighter. The original idea of ​​the interior will appeal to you and your loved ones. Now you can invite your friends to coffee and surprise them with your skill.

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